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Ladakh The Land Of Frozen Deserts

Ladakh The Land Of Frozen Deserts

Of Lamas and monasteries, butter tea and gently grunting yaks, there’s much more to Ladakh than just spectacular scenery and deep blue lakes. Though made famous by the odd Bollywood movie every now and then, most of Ladakh still remains largely unexplored. un[travel] Ladakh for its gompas and stupas, for walking to the turquoise Indus as it meets the muddy Zanskar and for its lovely silences that just don’t need to be filled. Spend a morning in prayer with monks at Thiksey or go horse riding beside PangongTso and come back with equally memorable photographs. un[travel] Ladakh for the serenity in solitude and the empty endless roads ahead. Ladakh for its tranquillity and stay humbled by the sheer size of this vast cold barren desert. un[travel] Ladakh to tick an item off on your bucket-list or quite simply because you have to see it to believe it.

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